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There’s a saying among marketers that sound like that: negative reactions are better than zero reactions from users.
Too many companies are still used with the traditional one-way communication and they treat the negative comments from users as discouraging and like a slap on their hands.
The reverse side comes from businesses that look at the social media as a sales generator, only a sales generator. Obviously, the social media channels are far from being some new opportunities for stock clearance for all low quality products. People will react and you have no wonder if someone will trumpet the low quality features of your product. That’s the modern way of what we call: “negative word of mouth”.
So, instead treating your social audience with fear or as a receptor for your selling messages, look at this as an opportunity. Think about you have the chance to come up with a better product, test your new products or your strategy, add or remove some features, improve your services or more simple, you have the chance to shift the way you communicate with your audience.
The conversation with their audience is the best thing that could happen for marketers. It’s relevant and it’s fast, so if you get reactions from your users, it’s a blessing.
If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips for you:
– If they ask you, answer back;
– If they suggest, thank you;
– If they criticize your product, ask for the details;
– If they are complaining, find a quick way to solve that out, apologize and provide them your resolution;
– If they make the reference to a better product or service from competition, don’t delete their reference link. Is the way that proves you accept the challenges.
Last but not least, keep a moderate tone of voice, reply with relevant information and don’t quote from your PR press releases. Social users disfavor this type of language.